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Bob Martin, Franklin business and contracts lawyer

How can I help you?

  • Business. I can help you start, buy, or sell a business; organize your business as a corporation, partnership, or limited liability company; comply with the law that applies to your business; and manage your legal relationships with co-owners and employees.
  • Contracts. I can help you negotiate a contract that meets your needs and interests, and will write the contract clearly and unambiguously so as to avoid disputes down the road. If you have already made a contract, I can help you know your rights and obligations under the contract.
  • Legal disputes. I can help you negotiate the resolution of a business or contract dispute. If negotiation won't solve the problem, I will represent you in court and help you enforce your rights and defend your interests.
  • Other matters. While I mainly help clients with business and contracts, I also do municipal and public authority work, real estate transactions, simple wills, and estate administration.

What kind of legal work do you need?

You may not know what kind of legal work you need. People often think they have one kind of problem when they actually have another. Feel free to call me and see if I can help. If not, I'll try to recommend someone who can.

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